Monday, 16 September 2013

With Belt Or Without?

Last night, I stumbled upon a photo of FashionBeans (a men's style blog) on my Facebook feed, talking about the belted outerwear trend for men; coats, cardigans, and blazers with belts on the waist.

I've actually seen this trend once on one of the characters of a Korean TV series. It actually looked good on the guy. It's just like the way women cinch their waists to emphasize the shape of their bodies. The trend is quite interesting. I asked myself, "if this trend looked good on women, would it look just as chic on men?"

I read some of the comments on the post and a lot of them were negative. Personally, I'm quite skeptical about the trend. But I know a lot of fashionable men can actually pull off this trend effortlessly. I salute these people! Hhmm, I wonder if I could pull off such a trend...

What do you think about the belted outerwear trend for men? Tres chic or fashion faux pas? 

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