Monday, 9 September 2013

Sun Kissed Skin

When you hear or read "sun kissed skin", I'm sure the things that pop into your mind are the beach, swimming, white and fine sand... something like a summer dream. But no, where I got my "sun kissed skin" isn't from a dream at all.

As I've mentioned in my blog post, An Unexpected Kind of Love, I recently ventured into the field of sports, specifically soccer baseball. As much as I wanted to avoid sports, I had no choice. But then again, you always have a choice. Unfortunately for me, I chose to not have a choice. Am I making sense here? haha. 

Anyway, so yesterday, we had one WHOLE DAY just for soccer baseball practice. Days prior to the training, I was bracing myself for the intense pain that I would eventually experience. An hour was already tiring enough, I couldn't imagine how tiring one whole day would be.

When training day finally arrived, I kept a positive mindset that maybe this wouldn't be so bad. I had to find a way to make myself feel better. 

At 10 a.m., my teammates and I started training in the field under the INTENSE HEAT of the sun (emphasis on intense heat). The sun was really harsh that day. I could hear my skin sizzle as the rays as the sun touched my skin. I was like a little suckling pig being roasted to perfection but then, a roasted pig would look so good; a roasted me, on the other hand, wouldn't look appealing at all. 

Finally, at 4 p.m., training had finally ended. I was dead tired, I had tan lines, I got sunburned, I was covered in dirt, my body was aching... I know I sound like such a little brat complaining about such shallow things but hey, one whole day of training under the sun is no piece of ice cream cake. 

As I went home, all I could think of was crashing into my bed (and relaxing in a tub filled with lots and lots of ice cold milk). I was on the verge of fainting (not really). Thank God, I made it through the day. As I tried to think of a bright side to all this, the only thing bright was the sun which didn't help at all. But at least the day was productive; I learned a new sport and got good exercise! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! :p

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