Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Woman in the Septic Tank

Last Friday, we watched an independent film entitled "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank" or in English, "The Woman in the Septic Tank". Knowing it had a famous comedian as one of its main characters, I thought it was plainly a comedy film. I was wrong. The film was totally different from what I expected it to be.

Basically, the film shows three young individuals in the process of creating their independent/indie film. The plot follows these three in their journey in creating a great film; from the hiring of the  leading actress, finding the perfect location/setting, to the actual filming.

I loved how it showed the process of film making from a different perspective. It didn't depict film making as a glitz-and-glamour kind of business. It showed how challenging film making is in a very raw and real way. Another thing I loved about the film is how it incorporated a social reality, showing poverty in society. The "film within a film" concept was great!

No wonder it won a lot of awards. It's a great movie! :)

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