Thursday, 19 September 2013

Absence of Light

What happened to me last night was definitely one for the books... a horror book, that is. 

Yesterday afternoon, we had scrabble training, in preparation for an upcoming sports event in our school. At around 7pm, my mother and brother came to pick me up and so we ended the game and I packed my things. When I was about to leave the hall, the lights suddenly went out. Everyone suddenly panicked and started running to the nearest office which was just in the same hall and only a few steps away from where we were playing scrabble. 

I've heard a lot of stories about ghost encounters and paranormal activity that happen in school from students. A blackout and a bunch of ghost stories don't exactly make a pleasant combination. 

As the lights went out, I immediately tried to grab the person nearest to me. My scrabble friends were running, screaming, and knocking down the chairs due to severe panic... it was TERRIFYING. Imagine yourself being surrounded by absolute darkness and you remember all those stories about ghosts. I'll say it one more time: IT. WAS. TERRIFYING. 

I was so scared that I couldn't even gather the strength to scream. All I did was panic and scurry to the office. When I arrived in the office, I was panting and shaking like hell. Thank God, the lights went back on after a few minutes. One of my scrabble friends then said that someone grabbed her hair. It was then I realized that maybe it was me who did that. OOPS. Sorry! I panicked, okay? You can't blame me for trying to save my dear life... even if it meant grabbing someone by her hair.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA at least you didnt poo your pants hahahahaha