Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Blog is Born

Hello there! Welcome to my humble blog, Il Sognatore: The Journal of a Daydreamer. I created this blog for the reason of self-expression; a way of documenting my hobbies, my little adventures, my passions,... basically anything, really! I just wanted a space where I can express myself freely through writing.

"sognatore": the Italian word for dreamer.

Why Il Sognatore? Well, because I am every bit of a dreamer. I have always been the ambitious type. Even as a little kid, I already had so many dreams and ambitions; some were even very bold albeit impossible. I even dreamed of being able to talk to animals ala Eliza Thornberry. Oh well, kids will be kids. haha.

Call me overly ambitious but I have A LOT of dreams. Some may say that being ambitious is ridiculous because it borders on being delusional; but I beg to differ. I think being a dreamer widens my horizon. For me, being ambitious is not setting a limit to your capabilities; it's believing you can do big things and reach great heights. I'll forever stand by this mindset because it's what drives me to strive hard and succeed. These dreams are my impetus in life and hopefully, I'll get to fulfill these dreams someday; slowly, one by one.

For all the other dreamers out there, may this blog inspire you to dream even more and inspire you to achieve them. For now, this is it for my very first blog post. 'Til next time! :)

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