Saturday, 14 September 2013

An "Awkward" Show

I've recently been obsessing over MTV's Awkward. I actually had no idea of its existence before but thank God my classmates told me about it. They were always gushing about how hot Matty was and how sweet Jake was, but at that time I couldn't relate to their conversations about the show. When I started watching it, I said to myself, "WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS I WHEN THIS SHOW STARTED AIRING???!!!"

EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SHOW IS AWESOME; from the characters down to the story line. I love this show to bits! Jenna's very "honest" blogging, Sadie's sass and spunk, Tamara's trendsetting lexicon, Matty's disturbing-but- adorable-at-the-same-time habit of smelling his armpits every time he gets nervous, Jake's boy band looks, Lissa's dumbness,... I could go on and on and enumerate everything I love about this show but then I'd probably be 40 years old by the time I finish, so let this serve as sort of a written "teaser" of the show. If this wasn't enough to convince you to watch the show, I don't know what will.

I can't wait for season four! :)

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