Tuesday, 24 September 2013

One Bite After Another

Yesterday was a gluttonous day for my friends and I. 

For breakfast, my friend, Shai and I had Spam and Korean noodles. A few hours later, another friend of mine, Jo joined us. She had a big burger with fries for lunch. She shared her fries with us. An hour or so later, I asked Shai to buy me some food at Dimsum Break and milk tea at Cobo. 

While waiting for her to arrive, Jo and I ordered an 11-inch pizza from Alberto's. Once the pizza arrived, we immediately started eating and in good timing, Shai arrived with my steamed fried rice, pork spring rolls and vanilla milk tea with pearls. Jo also had milk tea. She ordered the black honey flavor. She didn't really like it as she couldn't quite explain the taste. haha. 

Notice how almost all the sentences in this blog post have food in it. We ate that much that day. If you could only imagine how full and bloated our stomachs were that afternoon. I even told myself that I was so full that I couldn't eat dinner anymore. But then, I ended up eating my own words (pun intended :p). All three of us still ate dinner. 

As night struck, I slept with a happy and very contented tummy but with a weeping and wailing wallet. 

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