Wednesday, 30 October 2013



Retro by christianjay-quilo featuring a pink jacket

A Carrie Diaries-inspired outfit :)

Pull Bear floral print dress
$42 -

Mango pink jacket
$48 -

Forever New mini handbag
$48 -

3 Ways To Wear Printed Trousers

3 Ways To Wear Printed Trousers

3 Ways To Wear Printed Trousers by christianjay-quilo featuring aldo jewelry

1. Looking for a way spice up office wear? Then the first look is for you. Pair your printed trousers with a classic white shirt under a blazer in a fun hue. To avoid looking too bright, choose accessories in a classic color like black.

2. For those chill kind of days, pair your trousers with a sweatshirt with a cute print/message. Wear a pair of flats to keep the look casual. 

3. Off to a night-out with your friends? These trousers would look great with a peplum top and a pair of peep toes. Match your accessories to make the look cohesive. Add in a quirky bag to give your look a youthful vibe.

Monki red top
$41 -

Keyhole top
$26 -

Oasis black floral pants
$32 -

Dorothy Perkins tan oxford

Blue peep toe pumps
$32 -

Friis Company clutch
$43 -

H M real leather purse
$48 -

Juicy Couture bow jewelry

Forever New yellow gold jewelry
$34 -

Aldo jewelry

Win Some, Lose Some

Just watched the first episode of Carrie Diaries season two! I've been waiting for the episode to air on TV since forever! A lot of changes are already happening and it's just the first episode! Carrie is living her New York dream. She's living in Larissa's loft for her summer job at Interview Magazine. She also got a slightly shorter new hairdo. Dorrit has less eye make-up (at least for the first part of the episode). Mr. Bardshaw finds out about Dorrit's new *older* guy, Miller. 

Last season ended badly for KidShaw. This season picks up on that. Apparently, Carrie has not communicated with both Maggie and Sebastian anymore. Not until Donna brings Sebastian along on their night out in the city.

Carrie meets Donna's cousin, Samantha who becomes her friend and later in the episode, eventually becomes her roommate. 

The saddest part of the episode? Carrie loses her iconic "Carrie" purse. Huhuhu. 

I also loved what Carrie wore in this episode! That blue mini dress with prints on the side is gorgeous! 

I can't wait for the coming episodes! :)

Monday, 28 October 2013

Gandy in the Philippines

A few days ago, I watched an interview of David Gandy in a late night news show. If you don't know who David Gandy is, let me enlighten you. David Gandy is a British supermodel. He is the face of Dolce & Gabbana's many campaigns. Aside from modelling, he also writes for British Vogue occasionally and writes car reviews for British GQ. Recently, it was also announced that he would be contributing to Telegraph UK's new section. To top it all off, he has also participated in a lot of charity events. A good-looking model, a writer, and a man with a good heart. THIS. MAN. IS. PERFECT. lol.

So, why is this British supermodel here in the Philippines, you ask? SM Men's Fashion has chosen him to be its new image model and being its new face, he came to Manila to walk for Philippine Fashion Week.

Can I just say that at 33 years old, he looks really good! He said in his interview that before he achieved supermodel status, he got rejected a lot of times because of his physique. Apparently, the modelling industry before preferred skinny/androgynous types and not the muscular and buff types like Gandy. I also read somewhere that it was Gandy's muscular build that made designers move to a more masculine standard. 

It's amazing to have someone like him here in the Philippines. I hope you're having a good time here in the Philippines, Mr. Gandy! :)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Food Heaven

Our recent visit to S&R was nothing short of a food trip. We got there around at 3 p.m. and I didn't have lunch yet so you could just imagine how hungry I was. haha. It was torture looking at those people bringing big boxes of pizza. I was so hungry that even the cardboard box seemed appealing. Yes, the dry cardboard box was actually making me drool. haha. Even my mother's face looked like a slice of pizza to me during that time. LOL. Once we arrived, we immediately had our late lunch. 

I had their pepperoni calzone. I've always wanted to try this but I always ended up ordering pizza. That day, I was finally able to try and boy, was it good! Sadly I don't have pictures which is sad but I'll try to describe it. haha. Basically, the calzone is folded pizza filled with LOTS of cheese and pepperoni. They also have a vegetable calzone. Once you slice the calzone, the melted cheese oozes out! Amazing! HAHA.

My sister tried their Southern style fried chicken. She said it was good but KFC was better. haha. My sister gave me the other piece of chicken so I got to try it as well. I liked the breading. The chicken was tasty on its own. It was also juicy! 

After our lunch, we went around a bit and bought some stuff. We also tried their food samples! They were giving samples of glazed donuts, rocky road brownies, double choco chip muffins, pepperoni pizza, Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream (which was on sale! Buy 1, take 1, people!) and soy milk. They were also giving out samples of ground dried fish but I didn't try it because I'm not really a fan of fish.

Before we left S&R, I tried their Iced Mocha and shared fries with my sister. I really loved their iced mocha! It wasn't too sweet nor too bitter. It tasted just right. I also loved the fact that they used this fancy shmancy machine to extract coffee or something. I think that was a coffee press or an expresso machine. I don't really know. Haha. Seeing that it was made from scratch (and they used techie stuff) makes me think that the drink is legit and not something that came from a bottle and simply transferred into a plastic cup.

We don't go to S&R to buy groceries, we go there to eat! Haha. I really love the food there! :)