Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Win Some, Lose Some

Just watched the first episode of Carrie Diaries season two! I've been waiting for the episode to air on TV since forever! A lot of changes are already happening and it's just the first episode! Carrie is living her New York dream. She's living in Larissa's loft for her summer job at Interview Magazine. She also got a slightly shorter new hairdo. Dorrit has less eye make-up (at least for the first part of the episode). Mr. Bardshaw finds out about Dorrit's new *older* guy, Miller. 

Last season ended badly for KidShaw. This season picks up on that. Apparently, Carrie has not communicated with both Maggie and Sebastian anymore. Not until Donna brings Sebastian along on their night out in the city.

Carrie meets Donna's cousin, Samantha who becomes her friend and later in the episode, eventually becomes her roommate. 

The saddest part of the episode? Carrie loses her iconic "Carrie" purse. Huhuhu. 

I also loved what Carrie wore in this episode! That blue mini dress with prints on the side is gorgeous! 

I can't wait for the coming episodes! :)

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