Thursday, 3 October 2013

Did Not Taste Like Vanilla at All

This afternoon, my friends and I went to Muvanz, a restaurant near our school, for some milk tea (and air conditioning :p) to take the edge off the heat. I've actually tried their milk tea with my friends once before and we thought it tasted okay. Their pearls were too soft though. This time however, my experience was far from pleasant. I ordered my usual choice, vanilla milk tea. Once my drink arrived, I was surprised by its color. I expected it to be of a cream color, something that resembled milk. To my surprise, my drink looked like lake water. It was brown, dark, and tasted nothing like vanilla. It was not good at all. I also let my friends taste it and they had the same comments. The pearls' texture was better, though. But still, the milk tea was BAD. My day already started on a bad note and this awful milk tea experience did not make it any less of disappointing. 

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