Saturday, 5 October 2013

Surfin' Ribs

I've mentioned in my previous post, Ordered Too Much, that we had lunch at Surfin' Ribs last Sunday. Since it opened it's first branch in Escario last year, my sister and I have been fans of it ever since. Although, it was only months after that we got to try out the resto.

The branch in Paseo Arcenas Banawa had its soft opening last August. The interiors were the same. It still had brick walls and wooden benches. In this branch though, there is air conditioning. The plates they use are also different. I think they're the expensive kind. I'm not sure though since it's been a while since I last visited their branch in Escario. 

Anyway, here's what we ordered:

Pete's Ribs (with rice) - Pork ribs smothered in a savory sauce (for the sauce, you can choose from either classic or spicy). Almost all of us ordered this. Personally, I love the ribs because of it's sauce and flavor and the softness of the meat. I also love how the portions are quite big. This is what I always order every time I eat in Surfin' Ribs. 

Spicy Fried Rice - This dish was a pleasant surprise. When it was served to us, I was disappointed of how it looked. It looked so ordinary. It was just orange-colored rice. But when I got to taste it, it actually is really good. It's rice with just the right amount of kick. 

Baked Penne - Another one of my Surfin' Ribs favorites! It's penne pasta with ground meat, cream, and lots and lots of cheese! 

Carbonara - This is what my brother ordered. I didn't actually get to taste it but I asked my brother how it was. He said it was good but he's tasted better in other restaurants.

Chili Wings - My brother also ordered this. I got to try this once before and I thought it was good. I also love the blue cheese dip that goes with the chicken wings! I find the serving small though. 

Crinkle-cut Fries - This was for my little nephew. He really loves his fries. It tasted nothing special, just your typical fries. My brother did say that the price was worth it considering the serving size. 

Leche Flan - My mother had this for dessert. It wasn't really good, to be honest. The serving was tiny and it was too soft. 

That was one gastronomic feast! I'm not sure though but I think the prices here are higher compared to the branch in Escario. I'm guessing it's because of the location and air conditioning. Nevertheless, it was still an awesome dining experience. We ordered too much that we had a lot of leftovers to take home. 

Surfin' Ribs is one of my favorite restaurants so far. If you haven't been there yet, I suggest you give it a try! The food is really good! :)

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