Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mang Cha-a and Tea-Rex

I tried out two milk tea shops this week: 

Mang Cha-a - I ordered their vanilla milk tea. The taste was okay for me. The pearls on the other hand, were a bit hard, especially in the center. It was also weird how they only had one size for their milk teas. If I remembered correctly, their other drinks have different sizes. Mang Cha-a is cheaper compared to other milk tea brands.

Tea-Rex - This was actually known as Tea-rrific before but they changed the name for some reason. A lot of my classmates really recommended their winter melon milk tea although I wasn't able to try their milk tea until today. I was a bit sad because they didn't have vanilla milk tea. HAHA. So instead, I ordered the winter melon milk tea. Sadly, I didn't really like it. Maybe winter melon just doesn't suit my taste. 

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