Monday, 28 October 2013

Gandy in the Philippines

A few days ago, I watched an interview of David Gandy in a late night news show. If you don't know who David Gandy is, let me enlighten you. David Gandy is a British supermodel. He is the face of Dolce & Gabbana's many campaigns. Aside from modelling, he also writes for British Vogue occasionally and writes car reviews for British GQ. Recently, it was also announced that he would be contributing to Telegraph UK's new section. To top it all off, he has also participated in a lot of charity events. A good-looking model, a writer, and a man with a good heart. THIS. MAN. IS. PERFECT. lol.

So, why is this British supermodel here in the Philippines, you ask? SM Men's Fashion has chosen him to be its new image model and being its new face, he came to Manila to walk for Philippine Fashion Week.

Can I just say that at 33 years old, he looks really good! He said in his interview that before he achieved supermodel status, he got rejected a lot of times because of his physique. Apparently, the modelling industry before preferred skinny/androgynous types and not the muscular and buff types like Gandy. I also read somewhere that it was Gandy's muscular build that made designers move to a more masculine standard. 

It's amazing to have someone like him here in the Philippines. I hope you're having a good time here in the Philippines, Mr. Gandy! :)

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