Friday, 4 October 2013


If you're from the Philippines then you've probably heard about the recent viral video of girls stomping on a puppy to death. I haven't seen the actual video and I tried searching for it but to no avail. I've seen pictures and read news articles about it though and it was enough to make me imagine how cruel it was.

SERIOUSLY, WHO WOULD DO SUCH A CRUEL THING TO A PUPPY?!? As an animal lover at heart (especially puppies), this just breaks my heart. It's sad how these people were able to do such a disgusting act. I read in an article that these "crush videos" are some sort of fetish or something and it's also become some sort of a business. That's just sick. I don't know what their true intentions are but I hope they realize that what they've done is cruel and not to mention, punishable by law. Let's just hope that justice will be served (ASAP!) and no more acts of animal cruelty like this will happen again. 

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