Sunday, 20 October 2013

Nothing Beats Hardwork

Saw an episode of "Maalaala Mo Kaya" last night. I didn't really see the whole episode since I was switching to ANTM Cycle 20 from time to time. haha. But from the parts I saw, it was enough to give me an idea of the story. 

Last night's episode was a story of a young boy who belongs to a poor family. He really loves school but his mother is not so supportive. His mother thinks that school is only for rich people. To make the long story short, the boy eventually overcomes financial struggles and is able to juggle school and work at the same time. He finishes his studies and graduates with flying colors. I didn't really get the name of the main character so I apologize if I just refer to the character as "the boy". haha.

It's an inspiring story of determination and hard work. While others have the financial means to do what they love, others are not as fortunate. What I learned from the story is that social standing and financial difficulty should never hinder you from achieving your dreams. If you really want something, nothing is impossible. The things we want the most are the the hardest to earn. If you badly want to eat apple pie and the nearest store that sells it is a five-hour drive away, what do you do? You buy the ingredients and make the damn pie yourself! haha. That was a weird analogy I used there but you get what I mean. You don't achieve dreams by just sitting there, doing nothing. YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT. You don't wait for things to happen. You have to make them happen. 

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