Thursday, 26 September 2013

Battle of The Sexes

I recently saw an episode of America's Next Top Model's latest cycle, Guys & Girls. It was actually the first episode I've watched of the cycle. 

The episode started with a recap of the previous episode's elimination of Jeremy and Kanani and Marvin crying over the fact that Jeremy's gone. Since it was the only episode I've watched so far, it was difficult to understand why Marvin was crying and why he and Chris H. weren't in good terms. 

The challenge for this episode was a fashion related quiz and every correct answer would earn them money to put together a look. Phil had the least number of correct answers, thus, least amount of money earned. He only had 25 dollars as a budget for the styling challenge. While everyone managed to put together decent looks, Phil ended up with a t-shirt-ripped leggings combo, all bought from the women's section. His look was funny but I couldn't blame him since he only had 25 dollars. 

Personally, I liked Nina's look best. It was very stylized. It showed her personality. Although, I agree with the judge stylist saying that another pair of shoes would have looked better. The cowgirl-ish boots kind of looked "misplaced". I still loved the look, nevertheless. If I remember it correctly, her outfit consisted of an LBD with sheer panels and a plaid wraparound shirt. She looked very chic! 

The photo shoot of the episode was to be living art installations. They had to pose while a bucket of paint was thrown at them. I loved Nina and Cory's photos. I really love Nina's pose in the photo. It's not the usual girly girl pose. For Cory, I love how he's very creative with his poses unlike the other male models who are very stiff. 

If it wasn't obvious enough, my favorite model this cycle is Nina. I love her look, especially her eyes. I hope she goes far in the competition. 

Who's your favorite this cycle? :)

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