Friday, 20 September 2013

Some K-Pop and Milk Tea

A few days ago, we visited Gentlemen Cafe', a small cafe' owned by Koreans across the university where I, together with my classmates, attended a talk about journalism. 

After ordering our food, we headed to the main cafe' where the tables and chairs are. The interior design is quite cute; an abundance of stuffed toys, some posters and pictures, and some quirky knick-knacks. There's also this big TV playing Korean pop music videos. Since I was facing the TV, I watched and listened to a lot of K-Pop. I can't even count how many music videos I watched. I haven't had this much exposure to K-Pop. haha. 

Let's move on to what I had, shall we? I had a caramel milk tea and a waffle. These two are bought as sort of a meal, by the way. The milk tea was yummy, so was the waffle. Although, I found a little bug in my milk tea. So my friend asked to have it replaced and they were kind enough to do so. I wasn't able to finish my milk tea, though. 

The real fun started when my friends and I started playing different kinds of card games. It was one crazy and fun afternoon. 

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